Today, we celebrate you.

Tomorrow, we change the world.

Johns Hopkins student taking a picture with JHU mascot.

Congrats, Blue Jay!

Welcome to The Nest.

At Hopkins, your journey is about the people you meet and the community you join. You’ll meet people who inspire you, challenge you, mentor you, and enhance your ambitions with their own. We’re curious, inquisitive—explorers at heart—and we can’t wait to see how your perspectives will shape the way we think. You’re one step closer to leaving your mark on the world.

So have a look around, explore Blue Jay life, and get to know our community as you work towards the decision that’s right for you.


You don’t have to be on campus to start engaging with your new community.

Johns Hopkins student welcoming freshmen with a sign.
Undergrad Teaching Lab at Johns Hopkins where students can conduct scientific research.
Johns Hopkins admitted students supporting their new mascot, the Blu Jay.

Find your people, try something new, and explore your new home.

Pink Flamingos, Marshmallow Snowballs, And Graffiti Alley

Meet the mysterious plastic flamingos of Keyser Quad.

From frisbee to french toast, check out over 400 student-run clubs.

When you’re here, it’s always Old Bay season.

Duckpin bowling—you’ll never go back.

High quality dining options available across campus— and beyond.

You say Patterson Park; we say Pagodas.

Spring Fair is for funnel cake and new friends.

New perspectives, exciting intersections, and unconventional academic combinations.

We’re pursuing big ideas, from imagination to impact.

Freedom to Explore

Freedom to Explore

Food Computer

  • Agriculture Science
  • Programming
  • Engineering
Ecologically Sustainable Food Systems

Freedom to Explore


  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Product Prototyping

Freedom to Explore

Snake Robot

  • Sociology
  • International Studies
  • Physics
Search & Rescue

Freedom to Explore

Hopkins’ First Fashion Magazine

  • Fashion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Engagement
Hopkins’ First Fashion Magazine

Meet Your Fellow Blue Jays

The most important lessons are the ones you’ll learn from each other.

Now that you’ve read a little bit about them, hear their broader perspectives at a virtual event.

Go Deeper With:

Johns Hopkins students learning and designing, hands on in the classroom.


Your path, your journey, your major—whatever you call it—you’re in charge.

Arial view of the Baltimore Harbor.

Charm City

Baltimore: it’s where Blue Jays come alive.

Johns Hopkins students and mascot enjoying time at a pumpkin patch.

Student Life

When you’re here, you’re here for a reason.

Johns Hopkins student laughing with blue jay mascot on campus.


Connect with a student like you on Blue Jay Connections.

Johns Hopkins students sharing pizza in a JHU dining hall.


Meet. Dine. Community.

Roommates hang out in the residence halls.


Make Homewood your home.