Explore courses and participate in classroom discussions that will help you set the foundation for communication, creative interpretation, and scientific reasoning.


Average class size


Take intellectual risks as you find the major(s) that interest you with support from leading faculty.


Student-faculty ratio


As you learn new skills and concepts, apply them in the real world through internships and other experiential opportunities.


Have a research or internship experience


Average class size


Student-faculty ratio


Have a research or internship experience

Computer Science + Public Policy + International Studies

An interdisciplinary team programs an open-use data tool to study how other countries consume food.

Fashion + Chemical Engineering + Entrepreneurship

Two chemical engineers with a passion for fashion create a line of environmentally sustainable jewelry.

Behavioral Biology + Artificial Intelligence + Arachnids

Behavioral biologists use artificial intelligence to track how spiders build their webs.

Classical Music + Neurology + Advocacy

Talented musicians partner with an advocacy group to design a sensory-friendly concert.

A Boundless Matrix of Possibilities

With our flexible approach to academics, no two college experiences are alike. You’ll have the freedom and support to explore an endless number of multidisciplinary connections and combinations. The path you take is up to you.

Meet Your Future Classmates

​​These current students are deepening their interests—and igniting new ones—through collaboration and investigation.

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Get the Most Out of Your Hopkins Experience


Our team of advisors will help you evaluate your interests, explore academic options, and select courses that are right for you. As your goals and interests evolve, your advisors will be there to support you on an academic path that’s challenging, inspiring, and distinctly yours.

First-Year Mentors

Before you get to Homewood, you’ll be matched with a first-year mentor—a current student who’s already navigated the transition to Hopkins life and will guide you through orientation, getting around campus, and settling into your first year.

Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research

When you’re ready to apply classroom concepts to real-world projects, the Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research (HOUR) will help you access hundreds of research opportunities across divisions and schools.

Life Design Educators

The Life Design Lab will give you the framework and tools to unleash your curiosity. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas, meet mentors, find research and internship opportunities, join clubs, and discover what excites you. So, after graduation, you’ll be ready to pursue a fulfilling career path.

Study Abroad

Immerse yourself in a different culture and explore new perspectives in your field. We’ll help you find programs tailored to your interests in Paris or Tokyo, Barcelona or Buenos Aires, Nanjing or dozens of other destinations around the globe.